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Patient Reviews

 97.6% Satisfaction Review


   December 28,2017

If there was a plus plus I would check that too.  Very personable, kind and awesome staff.

B. Sheppard

  November 09,2017

This was the first time in my life that I had fillings that did not hurt.  I did not have to use a numbing agent, and the fillings were painless.  Dr. Nguyen and his staff are AMAZING!

Kaitlynn C. 

   September 20,2017

Everyone is Amazing!!! Thank you.


   September 16,2017

You guys are awesome! We appreciate all you do and respect your profession! I'm going to be a dentist some day too! Who knows? Maybe I'll work in your office in 2 years!


  September 15, 2017

I like you guys.


  September 08, 2017

Gave ample time of notice and were incredibly friendly.


   July 26, 2017

Thank you all especially you Doc!  The gals are the best too!

Linda E.

  July 20,2017

Dr. Nguyen did an amazing job extracting my tooth.  The procedure was quick and pain free. Thank you!  Also a big thank you to the staff for working with me and figuring out a plan that works for the both of us.


 May 3, 2017

Excellent staff! Awesome!

Bill S.

  May 1, 2017

My whitening was a great experience.  Excellent job and appreciate your demeanor.  Thank you for everything! Great movie played for me " Hope Float" . Will tell everyone what a great job well done.

Lana Dale

   April 28, 2017

Dr. Nguyen and Stephani were amazing.  I had no pain and they made sure I was very comfortable as well as taken care of.

Amber B.

   March 23,2017

You're the best dentist ever in the world.

Thane U.

    March 21, 2017


Stacy E.
    March 7, 2017

Staff is friendly and helpful! Dr. Nguyen is amazing and always answers all my questions.

Kaitlynn C.

    February 9, 2017

Thank you Dr. Nguyen! You have an amazing team and you all do such an amazing job.

Andrea M.

   January 31, 2017

Very professional and informative.

Elijah V.

      January 10,2017

Excellent service.  Dentist spent a ton of time explaining care to me.  Learned more than I ever imagined.  The office staff were very professional and kind, which is so rare these days.  Hygienist was superb.  No complaints at all.  Don't go anywhere else in 29, this place is the best! Thank y'all!


      December 20, 2016

Great experience and very thoughtful with the process.

Madison M.

       November 23,2016

The very Best time I've ever had at the dentist office.  Thank You All!!

Tammy C.

                      November 16,2016

Thank you for the pillow and blanket while I waited.

Cheryl V.

         November 16,2016

I was very apprehensive.  Staff was very understanding, patient and caring.  Did not push me past my comfort zone, grateful for that.

David E.

        November 16,2016

Pulled all four of my wisdom teeth.  Everything was easy and almost pain free including the healing process.  Thank you for all your hard work.

Kaitlynn C.

      November 4, 2016

Dr. Nguyen is, without exaggeration, the finest dentist I've ever known in my 80 years of life.  Beyond his exceptional dental skills, it's his "personal" skills that most impress me.  His sincere interest in each patient's state of mind, his ability to make each patient feel at ease, his continuous communication about what's happening and why during the procedure.  Twentynine Palms should consider itself fortunate to have access to such a remarkable professional, even if only part of his time.

Randy F.

        November 3,2016

Awesome dental service.  Very understanding to the needs of the patient.  Very family friendly environment.  Will be coming back for more services.

Townsend Family

        November 1,2016

I always love coming here.  Dr. Nguyen always gives me the best pep talks every visit.  The ladies are also very nice.  Thank you for everything you've ever done. 

Hannah T.

         October 26,2016   

Doctor was great.  I wouldn't go any place else. Thank you.

Grace A.

        October 18,2016

Very good and almost pain free service.  Very sweet and supportive staff.  Love the dentist and hygienist.  Apple was great!

Kaitlynn C. 

        September 30,2016

Very good service. Thank you.

Deborah P.

       September 21, 2016

Very professional and informative.  I would recommend them to every person that needs dental treatment.

Ron M.

Best!                         September 10, 2016

I love this office.  Thank you Dr!

Andrea M.

       August 18, 2016

I like this dentist because I'm scared of them.  They kept me calm.  Then they told me what my teeth needed.  Thank you!

Arianna G.

        May 5, 2016

The best experience I have ever had.  I love the staff and Dr. is amazing.  Thank you so much.

Andrea M. 


        April 14, 2016

Front desk associates were extremely helpful and got all the insurance information in order to assist me.  Very sweet and caring staff.  Thank you=:)

Jessica K.

        March 1, 2016

Great service!!  Very happy.  You make it nice to come to the Dentist office.  Thank you again!

Stacy F.


        February 25, 2016

You guys are great at this!  You  always ask if we are okay and so polite.  You even make jokes to make us smile.  Thank you!

Tall kid

       February 23, 2016

Love coming here, so glad I switched and have a good dentist!  =:)

Leslie G.

        February 23, 2016

The staff is very pleasant! I enjoy coming into the office and know that I and my children will always be given the utmost attention during our visits.  I especially enjoy the care and time when giving explanations of exams and treatment.

        February  17, 2016

I had a great appointment!

Ty S.

         February 12, 2016              

All staff very friendly!  Dr. An is very thorough with procedures and details.  I felt very comfortable placing my daughter in his care.


       February 12, 2016

The staff was very friendly and informative.  They helped me with all of the questions and concerns I had and did so in a timely manner.  Dr. Nguyen is very funny and personable.

Alicia A.

   February 12, 2016

E. Berman

Best!                  February 5, 2016

This staff wits for you and helps you with anything you need.  At first, I was scared but that changed fast.  The assistant took care of my 5 month old son.  After I saw her with him, it made me feel very calm. They're amazing!

Kelli S.

Best!                 February 2, 2016

Outstanding patient care.  We are so excited to have a dentist so caring!  Thank you.

Savannah D.

      February 1, 2016

Excellent experience coming here.  Great staff, office is always clean, very professional.  Very efficient, communicates well, and thorough staff.  Would definitely recommend.


       January 21, 2016

Love this place!!



Best!                 January 20, 2016

Kind, Friendly, as usual, takes great care of my Kids and helps us feel really comfortable, like family.

Whitni V. 

Best!                 January 5, 2016

After living here for 3 year, I wish I had come to this office a long time a ago.  This is the beset dentist I have been to in the area.  Only place I trust with my teeth.


Best!                                        December 17, 2015

Thanks for being awesome!

Melissa J.

       October 20, 2015

This was the BEST visit I have ever had at the dentist. Everyone was so nice and personable.  Thank you for operating in excellence.

Jamie B.

       September 3, 2015

Staff are really nice.  We really appreciate the service that this dental office provided.

Kevin S. 


        August 27, 2015 

 Great: Dr. An was able to ease my 2 kids' nerves, speaking to them as he got their dental work done.

Jeannette C.

        August 21, 2015

We love the staff here!  Best dentist we've ever been to!

Morgan B.

        August 21, 2015

Great service!  My 5yr old was pleased and not scared of the dentist. 



         August 20, 2015

Always enjoy the atmosphere when Alexis and Dr. Nguyen works on my teeth.  Always so careful to make sure that I am comfortable.

Sharon G.


         August 19, 2015   

Extremely friendly staff.

Estela G.

         April 21, 2015   

I always receive exceptional services at 29 Palms Dental. Dr. Nguyen and his staff are outstanding.        

Steven K.


        April 21, 2015

Choosing 29 Palms Dental was one of the best decisions I have made. Their services have improved my quality of life. I recommend them to anyone in need of dental services.

Steven K.


        March 31, 2015                                                                      

Dr. Nguyen and the staff at 29 Palms Dental treat you like a human being. They are courteous, proffesional and caring. They do not treat you like another paycheck. I have made 6 visits to 29 Palms Dental and I am completely satisfied with their services. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing dental services.

Steven K.


        March 20, 2015


I love the staff and dr nyguen. By far the best dentist and office I've ever been to!

Morgan B.


        March 20, 2015

Very professional and friendly staff. They make you feel as comfortable as possible. Explain prodedures in detail so I know what needs to be done. I am glad that I chose 29 Palms Dental to be my dental care provider.

Steven K.


         March 19, 2015

The staff of 29 Palms Dental, taking its cue from Dr. Nguyen, keeps each patient continually updated on the dental procedures underway. This means that every visit to 29 Palms Dental not only enhances one's teeth but one's understanding. In my many decades of dental care, I've never experienced any other dentist or dental staff that equals this one for patient-friendly professionalism.

R F.


          March 14, 2015

Very professional and kind

Kaira B.


           February 19, 2015

Best Dentist Ever! He can do it all!

Andrew B.


           January 28, 2015                                          

Staff is very professional and polite. Provided detailed explanation of examination results and course of corrective action.

Steven K.


           December 31, 2014


Dr. Nguen, as always, proved the most skilled (and gracious) of dentists. I've never before experienced his equal.

Rand F.


           December 21, 2014

The staff at 29Palms Dental are amazing. Dr. Nguyen is exceptional.

Andrea B.


           December 9, 2014          

Great survice and very pleasant staff, thank you!

Ver S.


           November 22, 2014

Everyone is very friendly, is clean and is the only doctor that understands my anxiety toursso he always is patient :)

Maria P.


          November 21, 2014 

It was nice to see that I was treated in a very professional but friendly way. I explained my feelings about having teeth pulled in the past but you guys seem to be more sympathetic to the patients needs and not rushing through the procedure. Everybody was friendly and professional. and I feel better going to the dentist. I feel very happy that I didn't get ripped off and I I highly recommend 29 palms dental for your dentistry needs.

Sincerely Chuck and Debbie.


          November 11, 2014

I think everyone does a wonderful job. Very caring staff.

Roslyn D.


           November 9, 2014

Great experience! Nikki was very gentle and considerate which I appreciated very much.

Sally J.


           November 4, 2014

All aspects from the front office up to the Doctor were excellent. I had a tooth that had to be removed NOW and didn't have a dentist. I do now!

Ken J.


            October 31, 2014

Dr. Nguyen did an outstanding job! He seemed in the zone, he was so efficient! Seriously! Jenna went over the paperwork with me. Sara came in and set things up. It makes a world of difference when you step into a dental office, a little nervous, and come in and the staff is pleasant, smiling and puts you at ease. Great job! Thank you ALL!



            October 25, 2014

Great service!



            October 25, 2014

Great understanding staff. Knew what I wanted and help me achieve that.  Will come back soon! Thanks to everyone there! Keep up the good work!

Brad D.


             October 25, 2014 

I'm most pleased with the skilled and courteous service of the dentist.

Randolph F.


             October 24, 2014

Most of my visits have been because of serious tooth pain and 29 Dental has always been helpful! Thank you ALL!

Anon A.


             October 14, 2014

Friendly, Professional Staff! This is a great Dental office!

Anon A.


               October 8, 2014

I had a root canal last week with sedation, of course, . woke up and didn't feel a thing :) no swelling, no nausea, no pain, Nothing! These Doctors really know what they are doing; not to mention, they are super nice and funny and help you relax.

Anon A.


               September 26, 2014

I am new to 29 palms and was very nervous about my visit here, but I ended up being absolutely pleased. Everyone was so friendly in the office. And Dr. Wen was so sweet and to the point. Everyone seems to care about the patients opinions and needs, and everyone is willing to work with you on everything. Keep doing what you're doing, and thanks for caring!

Anon A.


                September 12, 2014

I always enjoy my visit to 29 Palms Dental! They make me smile! :-)

Mathew D.


                August 4, 2014

I like that each and every one of your staff, is striving for complete customer satisfaction! Thank you for caring!

Mathew D.


                July 9, 2014

Dr. LaBounty and Jenna both were very professional and great at what they do. Everyone seemed very nice. Jaclyn helped me with my next appointment date. Thank you ALL.

Mathew D.


               June 27, 2014

The Doctor did excellent work! Fast, friendly and even funny! :-) Jenna was great! Amanda and Jaclyn were so very helpful! Everyone has a great smile at 29 Palms Dental. Thank you everyone!

Mathew D.


               June 23, 2014

Very nice and professional. I have complete trust and confidence in every one working in their office.

Mark H.


                June 20, 2014

All of the Staff was very polite, friendly and courteous. Everyone's teeth looked great! The Dentist was very professional. Jenna made me feel at ease in the dentist chair! Thank you to ALL!

Mathew D.


                 June 4, 2014

Thank you for taking great care of my teeth and being so thorough! I really appreciate it! :-) Vera

Veronika S.


                June 1, 2014

My daughters and I recently went to this dentist and we were very pleased with how wonderful the staff was to us all. They were excellent with my 5yr old and 11yr old. They took the time to explain everything to me in detail and genuinely cared how I felt and what my concerns were. Recommend this dentist highly!

Haley F.


                May 27, 2014

The staff were all knowledgeable and informative. Fast and friendly service from the Dental Assistants and both Dr. Nguyen and LaBounty.

Anon A.


                May 22, 2014

All of the girls were so friendly, personal & helpful. I feel good when I leave.

Gerald C.


                 May 18, 2014

The office staff were great to deal with and the doctor was very informative. They made me feel comfortable as a new patient.

Scott T.


                 May 10, 2014

Great work, very friendly staff.

Tony T.


                 May 6, 2014

Really good service, friendly environment, I'm so happy that they are taking care of my teeth. =)

Dennisse V.


                  March 15, 2014

Friendly staff. Great location.

Anon A.


                  March 7, 2014

The office was small but clean and the staff was very friendly. I'm happy I was able to see Dr.Lam, she was professional and nice. I would recommend.

Anon A.


                  February 23, 2014

Always quick and on top of things, never had any complaints while being seen here for the last 2 years.

Kristin H.


                  February 22, 2014

Comfortable feeling in the office. Was a little rude to me about my condition. Began to treat me like a was an alien or I was a horrible person once my condition was found out.

Anon A.


                   January 23, 2014

The office is professional and clean. The receptionist was very friendly and helped a lot on the phone. The ladies who helped the doctor were very friendly and the female doctor was very professional and kind.

Anon A.


                 January 17, 2014

A highly proficient deep cleaning, performed by an expert...who also took pains to assure that I was getting the best coverage for this visit from my insurer.

Randolph F.


                January 15, 2014

They were all professional and helpful, very caring and attentive. Absolutely loved this place and we will be back.

Ella A.


                December 25, 2013

Awesome practice. Great customer service from receptionists to dentist. Will be going again due to the great customer service.

Yahaira G.


                December 23, 2013

Really good customer service.

Rickey Jr. B


                December 11, 2013

Great experience every time. All staff is informative and friendly.

Kristin H.


                 December 7, 2013

Had a great experience and the Dentist was very professional.

Rickey Jr. B.


                  December 6, 2013

Very good experience. Professional staff responded to my needs. I especially appreciated the same day appointment.

Sana J.


                 November 13, 2013

I have had the most pleasant experience with 29 Palms Dental. The staff and Dr. Lam make you feel well taken care of, from initial exam to tooth extraction. I highly recommend 29 Palms Dental. Thank you very much

Rhonda H.


                   November 8, 2013

29 Dental is wonderful. The staff is professional, friendly and welcoming. Dr. Lam is excellent! So happy to have finally found a good dental practice.

Crystal P.

                  October 29, 2013

Took my son here and he had a great experience. I was a little reluctant to take him here since it is in 29 palms and the office looked so tiny, but my son had nothing bad to say and everyone was very friendly. Will continue to go.

Anon A.


                   October 29, 2013

Staff was incredibly nice and helpful but I was not at all pleased with the dental work I received.

Anon A.


                   October 26, 2013

The receptionists were so friendly and the hygienist was gentle. Dr.Lam did a great job explaining all my treatment and I felt very comfortable in the office.

Anon A.


                     October 20, 2013

I used to be so scared of the dentist. In two months I have had two surgeries and a cleaning and love these guys! The staff is so friendly and they are very cautious of my fears and treatment. I will transport back and forth from San Diego for all of my dental appointments with them!

Christel G.

                      October 18, 2013

I was treated with great courtesy and informed of all the procedures before they were done. The staff does a great job of explaining everything, even the reasons why simple things like cleanings are done. For example, I learned exactly what a root canal was. I felt like Dr. Lam took good care to examine and explain what was needed for my teeth on my new patient exam. Glad to have had a friend recommend them after my last dental office unexpectedly closed down. Also, seems to me to have reasonable co-pays.

Leah N.


                        October 12, 2013

Very detailed.

Christine V.


                         August 31, 2013

The dentist herself and the dental nurses are amazing. They answer every question I have and the second I need something (numbing cream..) they are on top of it. The women at the front desk are the sweetest ladies and the environment in that office is calm, not nervous.. I am not a big dentist fan but when I go there I know that I will be handled with the upmost care and safety. I would recommend this dentist to anyone! These people are amazing!

Eleanor M.


                          August 6, 2013

informative, friendly, I plan to to make 29 Dental my dentist of choice.

Faith S.


                        August 4, 2013

Great environment. Friendly staff and they take the time to always answer all of your questions. I never feel rushed there.

Anon A.


                         August 2, 2013

The staff at 29 palms dental are amazing. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Anon A.


                          August 1, 2013

Great service, friendly service. The time for them to start does take a bit of time. It took about 20 mins to start.

Anon A.


                         July 24, 2013

Overall visit was very satisfying.

Anon A.


                          July 18, 2013

You made my experience with you good.

Luella N.


                           July 17, 2013

Recently removed all four wisdom teeth, and the Dr. did an awesome job!! No complaints yet.

Anon A.


                            July 14, 2013

This dentist and and his wonderfully awesome Team are amazing! I would get physically ill, all my life when i knew i had to to the dentist. NO pain. They are The Best!

Angela C.


                            July 4, 2013

my visit @ 29 Palms dental was extremely happy. I saw all of their equipment, are very unique compared to other dental clinics that I have visited, hopefully they will fix my broken tooth better.

Elvira S.


                           June 29, 2013

love the service I had 6/28 cant complain.

Elizabeth M.


                                                            June 27, 2013

Both of my children were upset when we left the dentist and asked if we could switch. I don't doubt she was right in telling them they need to floss more and use a rinse, but they both said they've never seen so much blood or been in so much pain after a cleaning. I cannot be certain that we will be returning.

Monica A.


                             June 20, 2013

My appointment was amazing. I was really worried about how much everything would hurt with there being needles involved, but when I noticed the slightest amount of pain, the dentist immediately numbed me again. She was amazing and I am so glad my friend told me about 29 Palms Dental! Thank you for great service!

Eleanor M.


                             June 14, 2013

Thank you for helping me out!

Anon A.


                             June 13, 2013

I always felt comfortable in the 29 Palms Dental office. The front office is friendly. I completely trust Dr Nguyen's good work. Most of California dentists will do a lousy job, with cheap material, for you to come back again and again to fix the same tooth. Dr Nguyen has a high work ethics : he does not hesitate to send back 4 times in a row to a lab, when my crown shows a slight margin. Thank you Dr Nguyen and staff.

Hung H.


                              June 12, 2013

My experience at 29 Palms Dental has been great. I appreciate the phone call reminders, and the option to receive appointment reminders by text message and email. The receptionists are very polite and friendly, and took time to walk me through the details of the treatment I was to receive and answer any questions I might have before I "signed the dotted line." The new patient exams are very thorough, with detailed x-rays and pictures taken of each tooth. The dentist is quite thorough, and made sure to point out any and all of the issues I currently have or will have in the future, as well as a treatment plan that I can tailor as time and money allow. I also appreciated the itemized quote that showed what I would owe and what my insurance would cover. I can't speak for the dental hygienist, as I have not yet had a cleaning there.

Anon A.


                              June 12, 2013

They explained in great detail, everything that needed to be done to fix my problem. Also gave me great evaluation on what needed to be done in the future. Way to go team. Woot woot. 29 palms dental is a great dental team. From the Dentist to the office team. They handled my problem and got me out the door fast.

Stewart D.


                              June 11, 2013

I would recommend 29 PALMS DENTAL to everyone I know. Doctors and assistants are all efficient and courteous which makes a dental visit very pleasant.

Helen C.


                             June 6, 2013

Kinda upset they had a new girl training on me and she choked me with water several times. Besides that over all went well

Lauren B.


                            May 30, 2013

Very nice first visit experience. Looking forward to future visits for any dental work that I need. My son and daughter-in-law will also be new patients when they need their check-ups.

Helen C.


                          May 25, 2013

I've never been to such a thorough dentist! Everyone was very friendly and professional. I absolutely recommend them!

Sarah W.


                        May 23, 2013

By far the best and most complete dental facility I have ever had the pleasure of being treated in. I used to hate going to the dentist but I have no issues going to 29 Palms Dental for my dental care.The staff is awesome and the quality of care is second to none!

George S.


                         May 23, 2013

This was my first visit to a dentist since I moved here with my husband and they made me feel right at home. Normally I'm a nervous patient but with the care provided by the staff and dentists made me feel at ease. They were patient, understanding and explained everything to me in a language I could understand. I will definitely be coming back and bringing in my children as well. Thank you!

Anon A.


                        May 7, 2013

Not only did this dr tell me I had more work needed in my mouth than what was true, I let him do work and he damgaged my gums and teeth. I had to get a referral to a new doctor who had to fix what this wacko did and I had to pay out of pocket because met life would not pay for that much work to 2 teeth w/i the allotted time frame. They also tried to xray me while I was pregnant with no covered protection, they burned my gums (left on the numbing cream for over 45 minutes while he chatted with other people) and scared my kids with thier rudeness and lack of cooth! STAY AWAY!!!

Andi S.